Daisuke Uno
born 1979

Born in 1979 in Ito city, Shizuoka prefecture. He entered the Agricultural Department in Kyoto University in 1998. He was involved in an Agricultural club that provided onsite farming experience and visited many farmhouses throughout Japan. In graduate school, he studied African anthropology and stayed in Namibia for half a year as part of his applied fieldwork. This experience made him question Japan's modern society and triggered his interest in farming. He wasn't brave enough to start-up by himself at first, but with his wife's support they have since succeeded in maintaining several plots of farmland specialising in green tea while continuing to expand into other ventures.

Madoka Uno

born 1983

Born in 1983 in Chita city, Aichi prefecture. She entered the Agricultural Department in Kyoto University in 2002 and belonged to the same Agricultural club as Daisuke-san. She had wanted to live a self-sufficient life since junior high school when she was shocked by her discovery of the serious repercussions of unsustainable development. She met her future husband through university club activities and succeeded in convincing him to start farming together.

Seita Uno

Born in 2012 in Haruno, Shizuoka prefecture. He is the only kindergartner in our village. He is always overflowing with energy and humor and brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets.