@We moved to Haruno town in 2009. We started tea farming by taking over fields which ageing local farmers could no longer take care of. We belong to a tea union called gMarusen Isagawa Cooperative Tea Unionh, in short, gMarusenh. Marusen consists of about 40 farmersf houses which mainly located in two villages ? Isagawa and Izumidaira which are 400m above sea level. Our relatively cool climate enables us to grow high quality tea without using any chemicals.

@Though we both graduated university in the agricultural department we didn't acquire any practical skills or knowledge. Local people warmly welcomed us to their village and they taught us not only how to make tea but also various other insights related to living in the mountains. In an effort to preserve our beautiful mountain village for generations we practise and promote organic farming. Furthermore we try our best to live a sustainable life using a wood boiler for heating water, a compost toilet etc. We would love to provide you with a blissful and tranquil experience high up in the Japanese Alps while appreciating the natural essence of our tea.